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Blu Prospects
Transcend Expectations.

Blu Prospects

BLU PROSPECTS LLC is a service minority-owned business that provides a wide range of services, who mission is to provide professional consulting, education, training, and human resources solutions for corporate and small to mid-size business clients. Trusted industry expert, we also specialize in Diversity Recruiting where we assist organizations with EE (employee) engagement and retention efforts.

We pride ourselves on helping you build a diverse and inclusive winning team that aligns with
your organization’s growth strategy and vision. Strategic Approach, Measurable Results. 

We are committed to setting a new standard for businesses and the global environment

at large. We believe that diversity, equity, and inclusiveness is the key ingredient to

helping organizations create a workspace where the talent and the potential of their

workforce can be truly optimized.


As a former Chief Human Resources Officer and current Certified Diversity Executive, Shaylae Duprís, founder and owner of Blu Prospects LLC Consulting understand how important the responsibility is on how to effectively leverage human capital which results in high-performing teams that produce results and better aligns with the overall business strategy. Based in Indianapolis with a wide reach, Blu Prospects
partners with HR, diversity, & inclusion, talent workforce & development, and business
leadership teams on training and development initiatives, equity and inclusion efforts relating
to the asset of human capital in North America and the United Kingdom.


Whether Blu Prospects is creating and developing virtual or classroom training relating to soft
skills, leadership development, diversity equity & inclusion, or developing a diversity initiative.
Everything is customized to resolve each client’s unique challenges.

Myers & Briggs
Type Indicator Consultant

More than 70 percent of leadership teams view workplace culture as critical to financial
performance, yet few know how to effectively develop it. -Korn Ferry Top Talent Trend_2017

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As a certified Myers & Briggs Type Indicator Consultant, I can help you build a high performing
team, develop your leaders, and improve your overall culture. If your organization is interested
in learning how to improve communication skills, increase emotional intelligence, embrace, and
resolve conflict. I can help you uncover the barriers that are hindering your organizational
success and create, implement, and deliver a customized solution to address your specific needs.



“Shaylae brings so much energy as a member of management. I get more out of her training than any other facilitator. She is an SME (subject matter expert) of managing people.”


Michael M. Johnson, Chief Brand Officer 

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